▲5、邀請信(公務邀請: 強調身份、具體的接待禮儀、接待方式、接待人群)

Para 1: 自我介紹,寫信目的

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am______(具體名字題目會給出), _______________(具體職務題目也會給出,如the personnel manager 人力資源經理、general manager總經理等等. I am writing to you for the purpose of honorably inviting you to _______ (具體活動題目給出)

Para 2:活動安排(時間,地點,內容)活動1_________ 邀請1_________ 活動2______



As matter of fact, we have made enough preparation and full arrangement for you in advance. First of all, the leaders of our company will greet you in person at the gate. Then we will discuss and talk about the___________(主題根據題目寫) in detail at lecture room(或meeting room).It is well known to all that you are the famous expert in_________(同上). At last we will accompany you home with our leaders. We wish we can get a pleasant and smooth cooperation.

第三段:Para3: 再次邀請, 期待, 請求回復

We are expecting you from the bottom of our heart can accept our invitation! Please give us a positive reply soon. Wish us have a successful cooperation!






Dear Mary,

I’m writing this letter for the purpose of inviting you to a dinner party at my house on October 22, 2010 to celebrate my father’s 70-years-old birthday.

The occasion will be followed by our dinner, during which we can talk and laugh together. At around 9 o’clock, all the friends will take some photos together.

I together with my family would feel it a great honor if you could come. We are looking forward to seeing you on that day./We are looking forward to the pleasure of your company. Please let me know your decision before next weekend.

Yours sincerely

<p text-align:="" justify;"="">最后,祝大家都能考上理想院校哦!