Para1: 寫信目的

Dear ____(根據題目要求寫)

I am ____(具體名字題目會給出). I am writing to you for the purpose of expressing my sincere thanks to help me solve my serious problem!

Para 2: 原因1__________ 原因2___________.

In fact, yout have helped me for more than one time. Whenever I am in trouble, you are the first person to help me. For example, you are always ready to offer me you fund, office as well as relation resources. This time is no exception. I sincerely invite you to have dinner at a restaurant and have a chatting at your convenient time. I will pick you up at your house gate at the given time.

Para3: 再次感謝, 表達祝愿

I thank you again for your unselfish help to me! I wish our friendship as well as cooperation will last for ever.

<p text-align:="" justify;"="">最后,祝大家都能考上理想院校哦!