Dear Sir(男士) / Madam(女士)

第一段:Para1:自我介紹, 寫信目的

I am_____(具體名字題目給出). I am writing to you for the purpose of expressing my deepest concern about____________(具體內容題目給出). I sincerely wish you consider my suggestion.

第二段:Para2:現狀,建議1___________; 建議2_________; 建議3___________

It must be pointed out that the situation of ____________ is going from bad to worse. Therefore, as far as I am concerned, first of all, Governments departments are required to take effective measures to solve this serious problem. In the second place, different classes in the society need to cooperate closely to pay attention to this problem. At last, as individuals, we should care about it and set up examples for others.

Para3: 感謝, 期待


Thank you for reading my letter at your busy time! I firmly believe that with your considerate concern this problem will be smoothly solved.

<p text-align:="" justify;"="">祝大家都能考上理想院校哦!